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Successful Launch of the Escape Project

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Drawing lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, ESCAPE’s main objective is to improve efficiency and scalability of early pandemic response plans by providing evidence-based guidelines, standardised research protocols, retrospective insights, and digital solutions that will support scientists in producing and integrating evidence and inform public health authorities in taking decisions to avert or reduce disease and societal burden. The project will provide knowledge and tools that will enhance Europe’s preparedness for a pandemic of pathogen X. 

In addition, the project will contribute to fostering a multi-stakeholder intelligent community allowing improved knowledge sharing and cooperation between policy-makers, the scientific community, the media and the public, ensuring a much more effective response to future pandemics. 

On the evening of January 12th we welcomed national, European and global stakeholders active in infectious disease modeling, public health risk management and science to policy interactions in a hybrid exchange meeting on pandemic preparedness. The program included scientific talks and a panel discussion. The speakers highlighted the importance of improving data accessibility, scaling up modeling efforts and facilitating science to policy interaction, all with the aim to save lives in the event a next pandemic strikes.

Review the interesting presentations here:

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